Views on Nutrition



In reality there is so many articles with nutritional theories of how to lose weight or gain weight quickly and that’s what everyone wants. Everyone wants the secret of how to reach their goals quickly in any aspect. It’s very simple to lose weight you eat less, and to gain weight you eat more, but this doesn’t mean starve yourself or eat so much till you can’t move.

It is all about knowing yourself and what your body works well with but this takes years of experience. First thing in the morning till the last thing in the evening nutrition is the main dependency of your goal it makes the biggest difference of about 80%. I cannot emphasise the importance of nutrition as I have had a lot of experience trying out different methods, when I eat well I see results and feel better but when I don’t, nothing goes good.

I remember around every week I’d say ‘diet starts Monday’ the best excuse and I know because I’ve said it to many times. Dietary methods like low carb/high fat, high carb/low fat, intermittent fasting, carb backloading, carb cyclying, you name it, I’ve tried it. The truth with nutrition you need to find something you can stick to, something that’s sustainable.

Training is the easy part, it’s the other things you do outside of the gym that are hard, like someone once told me it’s not what you do in the gym it’s what you do outside the gym that counts. Factors like sleep, when you eat; hydration levels and alcohol consumption have a big effect on your body and its cravings.

You shouldn’t live your life to macros or a book and I think that’s what an average person thinks someone who looks good does, they’d think they eat salads every day and haven’t had a burger in 2 years and that’s the only way they have abs like that this isn’t true. It’s about finding foods you like that help you feel good and energized, you are what you eat. Eating healthy will keep you healthy. It’s about having freedom with what you eat but also having self control.