Training Philosophy



No one trains the same. Everyone is different especially in the way they train. If you overlook training with a complex approach there’s a lot to it; rest periods, weight, tempo, breathing, sets and reps but these are only few of the many changes you can apply to your training. With fitness it’s turned to such a big industry due to the variation and choices it appeals to so many people because of this you can imagine how many different types of training there is. From classes to cross fit or weight training to powerlifting there’s something for you and it’s important to find what it is. In everyday life we all have requirements for our body like carrying shopping to the car, cleaning the house, walking the dog or just sitting in our office for an 8 hour day. Our body has to meet these requirements day in and day out and if it doesn’t our routine is ruined. Exercise is just as important for all of us, yes it changes depending on our lives but none the less we all need to look after our body as our body is our real home. Think of training as a type of science and the gym as our lab with the test being our body.

My philosophy to my training is a combination of physical and mental strength being able to feel the muscle is the biggest priority once you can master your senses with weight lifting like your breathing technique, blocking out noises and focusing your mind on the rep then you can do any exercise. Anyone can do an exercise it about how you do it and where you feel it which is where the real difference is made.

No matter what when it comes to training its about you, everything else shouldn’t effect it, ignore your phone and leave any issues you have outside the gym, the only thing on your mind should be that weight and that muscle. You can train your muscles to work how you want them to from being stronger to being more endured.  Mindset is everything with training otherwise why are you putting yourself through this? Then it comes to mentality and your will to keep going.

There is no perfect plan when it comes to losing weight or trying to get more muscular it’s a plan you can make alone its your choice what you put on your plate and its your choice what weight is on your barbell. So learn from others take in what you want, follow who inspires you make your own path just makes sure you stick to it and that path becomes your lifestyle.