Sammy is a great motivator. He pushes me through my last rep no matter what. My way of training is concentrated on weightlifting and power-lifting and I attend his circuit classes which give me that extra boost in the week. It’s good to work with someone who’s so passionate about fitness and always sourcing new training programmes and exercises for my specific needs.

Sammy has been a really good trainer, consistently pushing me to reach my goals. He is always so positive and it really helped to motivate me to work harder. I thoroughly enjoy working out at his sessions and would highly recommend him to anyone.


Training with Sammy has been a great experience for me. The best thing about him is his ability to bring about my mental discipline and it’s the same with other people trains. He helped me implement the change I have been wanting for a very long time His advice worked each and every time ranging from diet requirements to exercises for isolated body parts. One other great characteristic of his includes, knowing how to motivate someone to complete that one more repetition that makes all the difference. I also attended most of his circuit classes for cardiovascular enhancement and weight maintenance which worked like a charm and still prevents me from going back to the unhealthy lifestyle I used to have.

Sammy always knew how to motivate me, always came home feeling fit and healthy. He also took into consideration how I was feeling health wise. Not only did I find a great personal trainer, I found an amazing friend too!