I am the youngest in my family and have five brothers – four of them go gym and I have one of who competes. He’s one of my biggest inspirations. I was overweight but didn’t help myself – up until the age of about 13, I was obese and weighed around 14 stone. I grew up to the name of ‘fat’ and lived up to it since I could feed myself.

During secondary school is where my life really changed. My school was all boys; I struggled socially and was badly bullied just for the way I looked this taught me a lot but none the less I wanted to change. You know that kid that would be the last choice for any team, that kid that would miss the chance of your team winning and just that kid that no one wanted there… That was me. The worst would be sports day I wouldn’t par take in any event as I felt I wasn’t good enough for anything. I pride my self on my mentality to never give up. My biggest hate was 1500m race I would come last and get lapped but I kept going and didn’t stop even though I came last I knew I didn’t give up and was proud of my self.

People judge what they see, the first thing people judge you on is your body, and unfortunately people didn’t accept a short fat kid just because of what they saw. I was confident and gave a lot of attitude to anything I believed in to most people I wasn’t liked but no doubt that didn’t stop me from being me. I would always wonder what I was going to become because deep down I knew that I was going to be something, it’s all about self belief and that was something I had.

My real journey started when I was 12 I signed up to a youth gym and was there every day learning more about gym I joined in classes and was positively influence by the trainers who pushed me to push myself. As time went by I slimmed out, grew and started going out. I was 14 and got offered a job at the youth gym, had my first girlfriend and learned how to ride a bike. By this time I moved on to a bigger gym where my mates trained. My relationship interrupted how I was with gym, I was only training a few times a week but would still be there when I could. We broke up when I was 16, my brother told me that breakups create make ups not that I knew what it meant but never the less he was right I was straight back in the gym.  It was at that point I started on a real training split trying to eat better, cycling to and from school, then to and from the gym every day. Sometimes I’d train with mates, sometimes I’d train alone but I’d always go – I remember it being really bad rain but nothing would stop me. It was a daily schedule school, gym and chicken.

October 2016 I made one of the biggest decisions of my life I left the leisure centre local gym to joining a hardcore backstreet bodybuilding gym. I fell in love with this gym I went twice a day for 2 weeks straight and kept going every day, I was in my first week at sixth form wanting to go to university and become a journalist when I dropped out of this dream and got my qualifications to become a personal trainer. I want to help people so they can be confident in themselves and go through the same process as me. I’m so passionate in terms of getting what I want and know that this is just the beginning.